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nat-2™ Fish white salmon (W/M/X)

nat-2™ Fish white salmon (W/M/X)

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Handgemacht in Italien

Außenmaterial: Lachsleder
Innenfutter- und Sohle: weiches vegetabil gegerbtes Leder und Echtkork
Laufsohle: 100% Echt Gummi

Passform: normal

nat-2™ has created a super luxurious and sustainable line of fish leather sneakers. The fish leather from salmon and wolffish used comes from Iceland where the skins are collected from the waste disposals of local fishers. If it does not get tanned it gets burned or thrown back to the sea, which would be a pity as fish leather is among the strongest most elite materials provided by nature. The sneakers are hand produced entirely by artisans in Italy and all other  used materials such as finest leather, glass, real cork and rubber outsoles come directly form the closer region in Italy.

Pioneering force in the middle of Iceland!

Our partner Icelandic tannery is leading in fishleather and produces from four different species of fish; Salmon, perch, wolffish and cod – each with its own unique characteristics –  in a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes. It is stationed in a small but vibrant community of roughly 3000 inhabitants, located in the heart of  Iceland. The idea of fish leather itself is rooted in tradition whereas centuries ago Icelanders wore shoes made of wolffish skin. 

“The fish leather is environmentally friendly in two different ways: it is a bi-product of the fishing industry, utilising raw material that would not otherwise be used; and the production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.”


The tannery is only one in the world that makes wolffish leather, and it is also the only tannery in the world that has successfully developed a way to make washable salmon leather. Being stronger than regular leather due to the alignment of fibers within the leather, it can serve purpose in everything from jewelry to handbag to panels! The sky is the limit when it comes to creating new platforms for functionality in fish leather!

“We strive for sustainability, and we pride ourselves in the fact that all products going through our factory – whether it being from fish, lamb, horse or other animal – is all a bi-product from other industries such as agricultural industries or the food industry.

No animal is killed with the sole purpose of collecting its skin on our premises!

The features of the salmon leather upper are:

100% natural. Made in Iceland | soft and comfy | temperature regulating | extremely strong | fair produced |  unisex.

Upper material: salmon fish leather
Lining & insole: smooth veggie tanned leather & real cork
Outsole: 100% real rubber

Fit: normal fit


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