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nat-2™ x Swarovski ® Zirkonia bordeaux (W/M/X)

nat-2™ x Swarovski ® Zirkonia bordeaux (W/M/X)

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Pure Recycled Luxury! nat-2™ launches sustainable luxury vegan sneakers made from real recycled Swarovski ® rhine stones.

German high-end sneaker brand nat-2™ presents vegan luxury sneakers made from real recycled Swarovski ® rhine stones on a natural flax and hayfield layer.

The 100% vegan, unisex sneaker’s uppers are made from real sustainable recycled sparkling stones on a real mountain meadow base which covers up to 50% of the shoe’s surface, depending on each style. In cooperation with Swarovski, stones from the official production, which do not go into sales are recycled instead of destroyed and get a whole new beautiful purpose.

Our surface made of natural materials really becomes a highlight when combined with Swarovski Upcycled Zirconia gemstones. Depending on light and angle of perspective, the surface is magically sparkling.

The colours and sizes of the manmade diamonds vary in sizes and get applied to a natural eco-flax-layer any hayfield which got the natural hayfield scent. The feel is one of a kind , while you can see the material’s natural texture. No artificial substances are used.  Every pair is naturally unique.

The patented material was developed in Germany and Austria, while the final sneakers are 100% handmade in Italy and produced under fair conditions in a new family-run high-tech facility.

All shoes are 100% vegan and equipped with a soft padded, anti-bacterial real cork insole. The glue is free from animal ingredients and waterbased, the outsoles are made from real rubber and the upper features nat-2™ signature reflective glass details for a better visibility and a techy look. The parts looking like suede or nappa leather are made from recycled PET bottles. The special Lining is made from a German engineered and produced from anti-bacterial and antiseptic bio-ceramic featuring an air-condition like feel and function.

Upper: Swarovski ® stones, Hayfield, glass and recycled PET manmade leather

Lining: bio-ceramic ®

Insole: real cork

fit: normal [ so of you have a regular EU 39 you need 39 ]

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