german engineered sustainable footwear and more

coilex™ is a true pioneer in sustainable ecofriendly luxurious footwear and acc. since its launch in 2009.

For our team the reason for using many sustainable and eco-friendly materials and techniques is not only the ecological aspect but also a matter of what we consider as “good design”. By creating such innovative products and things, we also reach new aesthetics and haptics which have never seen before in fashion, footwear and accessories.

Products offered by coilex use highly innovative natural resource materials such as real certified sustainable wood, real stone, real hayfield, real natural rubber, veggie-tanned leathers, real grass for its products as well as recycling materials such as real corn, coffee grounds, -beans and -plants, milk, PET bottles, glass, wine corks, leather leftovers, eco-cotton, pineapple fibers, etc.

Where it makes sense design-, production- and eco-wise the product is 100% vegan, not using and animal ingredients and water-based glue.

The sustainable nat-2™ and thies 1856 ® sneakers are handmade and fair produced in a small Italian family manufacturer. The rainboots are produced in Italy or EU as well depending on where is enough time to professionally clean the machines before producing the recycled wellies.

The packaging includes shoeboxes made from recycled paper, flyers and descriptions printed on recycled paper, certified wooden hangtags from sustainable forestry.

Another example are our re-usable packaging like bags, suitcases and boxes which are too nice to be thrown away and mostly find a special place in the owner’s shelf.

Besides using recycled, vegan and ecological materials there is another idea that sometimes goes in another direction. By offering super high-tech synthetic materials we try to create some ultra-long-lasting shoes which are timeless in design and equipped with materials – which sometimes are not ecological (ecology and sustainability are 2 different points, which many people sometimes get mixed up) –  but highly sustainable in the sense of making it unnecessary to buy shoes all the time just to follow trends or because the old ones are broken.

Our collections are seasonless, timeless, international, of the best possible quality and fit as well as mostly unisex. This is our idea of sustainable, democratic and good design and brands.

coilex as a store and project aims to create awareness in consumers’ and the industry’s minds that there are fantastic alternative materials, techniques and ways of thinking, especially in the luxury sector where established materials such as fur, leather or synthetic fibers, a flood of advertising are still considered as the real luxury and way to success. It takes endless creativity and common sense in the future to keep our planet running and to create a life-worthy environment for our children and grand-children. As it is often said by many. There is no second planet earth. Therefore we also have the UN sustainable development goals on our charta focusing especially but not exclusively on points 1, 5 , 9, 12, 13, 17 !

In order to achieve our goals we also work with materials of / and with organisations as well as platforms such as FSC ®, GOTS ®, OEKO-TEX ®, TÜV, Intertek, Hansecontrol, BSCI, SA8000, ISO9001, Ubuntoo, Common Objective, Worthproject EU, United Nations, UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, Greenstyle, Neonyt, Fashionsustain, Blauer Engel, Impact.choices, The Wearness, Define Network, Green Product Awards, Green Future Club, Fashion Council Germany…   |   #coilex   |    @coilex   +   @coilexstore